Branch is a boutique design and strategy studio that
helps small businesses grow their brands to new heights.

Your brand is at the core of everything you do but is it communicating your message clearly?

You have a strong eye, great taste and creativity for days. You know what you like and what you don’t when you see it but you’re way too close to your own business to have the clarity and focus to execute your ideal outcome. Branch is here to help you transform your vision into reality.

At Branch, we do things differently.

We partner with businesses doing good in the world who are willing to step up and push the envelope. They dare to be different and aren’t afraid to take risks, owning their magic while encouraging others to do the same.

I’m Shauna and after spending nearly a decade as a brand designer across multiple studios and agencies, I was ready for a fresh start. I sensed that many small businesses were looking for a new perspective, too.

What’s in a name, you ask? In 2007, as I completed my design degree, I launched a personal blog called Nubby Twiglet and there was a near-immediate domino effect: the more stories and design projects I posted, the more work flowed in. It taught me the power of authenticity early on: show up every day as your true self, openly share what you love and more of that energy will come back to you.

When Nubby Twiglet overtook my spare room and became more work than one person could manage, the “twig” grew into a “branch” and “me” blossomed into “we”. Branch launched as a boutique design studio in 2013 and we now collaborate with small to medium-sized businesses around the globe. —Shauna Haider, Founder & Creative Director

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