Visual Strategy

Visual Brand Direction
Get crystal clear on the visual direction of your brand BEFORE any design takes place to ensure optimal results.


Visual Strategy outlines the basics of your brand to form a sense of clarity and confidence in your path forward.

We’ll craft your ideal brand mood, color palette and photo direction so that nothing is left to chance and your branding process (whether you choose to book in with us or elsewhere) runs smoothly from beginning to end.

One 90 minute consult call is also included to provide additional insight and clarity into your business.

THE OUTCOME FROM OUR TIME TOGETHER: A clear visual path forward for your branding and the confidence in your design direction before it’s built out, potentially saving you both time and money down the road.


    • A defined visual language that will ensure cohesion as you bring your brand to life.
    • A refined clarity in what you want your brand to look and feel like before you’ve reached the design phase. This can save you from costly mistakes.
    • A clear visual strategy that positions you uniquely in your space and helps you to achieve your desired brand look and feel.
    • A sense of confidence in your path forward knowing that your brand mood, color palette and photo direction are dialed in upfront.


    Business owners who are very clear on who they are and who they serve. You are super confident in your path forward and aren’t questioning where you fit within the larger competitive landscape.