Comprehensive Strategy

Immersive 6 Session Experience

Redefine + re-imagine what’s possible for your business.

Comprehensive Strategy is a unique intensive that seamlessly transforms your brand from the inside-out, creating an elevated foundation that positions you and your business for exponential growth.

Through six one-on-one private sessions combined with some deep-diving homework, we will get clear on what makes YOU unique and then craft your visual + brand messaging strategy from the ground up. This is your opportunity to create a solid foundation based on your personal story.

When your strategy fits like a glove, your personality shines through and your unique qualities rise to the top. In a field of many options, you become distinguishable as the ONE AND ONLY.

The outcome from our time together: An undeniable sense of clarity, confidence and focus. And even better, the road map to actually make the vision you have for your future self and business a reality.

How It Works + What's Included:

Comprehensive Strategy is a done-with-you intensive.
Our 6 week engagement will consist of:

  • 1. Your Brand

    A deep-diving workbook-meets-questionnaire that is designed to distill all of the important details of who you are, what you do, who you do it for/with, where you’re at, and where you want to head next.
  • 2. Six private 90 minute consulting sessions

    1. The Deep Dive Session / 2. The Strategy Session / 3. The Story + Statement Session / 4. The Spin + Style Session / 5. The Synthesis Session / 6. The Specialized Session* (This is dedicated to an area of your brand that needs some extra attention.)
  • 3. Your Custom
    Brand Book

    The final deliverable from our time together is a custom brand-book-meets-creative-brief delivered as a PDF. The Brand Book defines and articulates each and every facet of your brand, ensuring cohesion across every touchpoint. It helps guide decisions for your brand, serving as a north star and includes:
  • PART 1

    Brand Foundation

    1. Your Brand Vision
    2. Your Brand DNA
    3. Your Brand’s Unique Market Position
  • PART 2

    Brand Expression

    4. Your Core Message
    5. Your Brand Story + Storylines
    6. Your Brand’s Unique Creative Concept
    7. Your Brand Voice
    8. Your Visual Language

Rave Reviews

  • “I had the pleasure of getting to work with Shauna 1:1. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that you need to put your “unique voice” or “personal spin” on your work. That is just jargon if you don’t know what to look for in yourself or the questions to ask that would mine that kind of gold. This is where Shauna comes in and guides you through each part of that journey. She is so detail oriented and clearly loves the challenge, even going above and beyond until she feels satisfied in her own work. I love the fact that Shauna aims to get those deep answers using all our sensory responses. Some of us speak in words, others through movement, and in my case I am highly visual and speak strongly through color and symbolic imagery. Together, we were able to communicate on all these levels and what I ended up receiving was a book about my unique approach to my work that felt 100% like me. I cannot recommend working with Shauna enough. She is truly a gem, and my personal secret weapon for evolving my brand to new heights each time I work with her.” —Therese Tucker, Blythe Starlight